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Maple Syrup

February and March are syrup months.  Boiling is done on a daily basis when we have subfreezing nights and warm days.  We make it the old fashion way, no pipelines or pumps just bucket by bucket!  Saturdays and Sundays we offer informative demonstrations of how we convert 40 to 60 gallons of sap to sweet syrup.   Best to call ahead.

U.S. Grade A “Golden Delicate Taste”

Formerly called Light Amber or Fancy.  Very light coloring, mild and delicate this is the early season when the weather in colder.


U.S. Grade A “Amber Rich Taste”

Formerly Medium Amber this slightly darker and a bit more intense maple flavor.  A product of mid-season warmer days.


U.S. Grade A “Dark Robust Taste”

Formerly Dark Amber and as the name suggests a more robust maple flavor.  Most common on our farm.


U.S. Grade A “Very Dark Strong Taste”

Formerly Grade B the end of season syrup.  Darkest in color and most intense maple flavor.  Preferred by old time New Englanders.

Pictured above are brothers

Lucas and Josh  Karabin

at Connecticut Maple Syrup School.

Maple syrup is made from

mid-February to late March. 

We boil on a daily basis.

Karabin Farms is a member of

the Connecticut Maple Syrup Producer's Association.

We are sorry we can no longer allow dogs on the property per the The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The grandkids gathering maple syrup

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