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Fall 2023

Be careful what you wish for.  Last summer we could not squeeze any rain out of the clouds.  My husband said next year will be too wet.  Incredible when we look at the summer’s rains in feet!  There is good and bad with this weather.  Apples are in good shape as we begin harvest of Honeycrisp, Zestar, Ginger Gold, and Ruby Mac.  Soon to follow are Gala and Cortland.  Macoun, Crispin Crisp by September 20 then SnowSweet, Jonathan, Empire, Daybreak Fuji, and Ruby Rush.


Next Spring, we will be adding Melrose and Jonagold, both from the Jonathan family to our orchard.  The walk through our woods and Christmas trees is always an adventure with Mother Nature.  Please remember you are walking in the woods and orchard.  Sandals and crocs are not recommended footwear.


The harvest of onions and garlic is complete and benefited from the rain (so did the weeks).  Our tomato harvest is beyond belief and is measured by the tons.  Plenty of sauce and salsa being processed as well as Bloody Mary mix.  Our Harvest Club CSA has gone very well, and our daughter Priya is learning how to manage it.


Our beef herd welcomed over 20 new calves this year and more to come.  Our 9 yearlings at Flanders Road and Flanders Street are working hard to keep the grass mowed at the Putnam Farm. 


Once again, we are taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys.  The price has gone up slightly due to processing costs.  There are very few USDA certified processors in New England.  As always, due to our feed program, our birds cook much faster than a conventional store turkey.


Flowers and Christmas Tree News

Mum fundraisers are just about filled up, and poinsettia programs are available.  Christmas trees look great, and we will have plenty available with cut your own trees selling for $90.00 plus tax.  This price is in line with most tree farms we are in contact with.  It takes about 9 years to bring a tree to finish.  Cost of growing has changed radically in 9 years.


Thank you for supporting our family farm.  Please stop by and enjoy our air-conditioned environment.  Good for the produce and the staff. 

Open daily 9:00am-5:00pm


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