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Store Hours:  Open Daily 9-5

We are now open 7 days a week after being closed weekdays through the winter. 


Our seedling program is in full swing with all peppers and tomatoes transferred from seed trays to pots.  Our flowers are blooming adding beautiful colors to our greenhouses. 


This spring we will plant 700 Christmas trees and most of our suppliers have pushed back our seedling orders to the spring of 2023.  We are not happy about this but seems to be the name of the game lately.  Our apple nursery has over 400 apple and plum trees for us.  Some of these trees were ordered three years ago.  We are particularly excited by the arrival of Ruby Rush apple trees.  This is a new early October apple developed by Rutgers University.  When I first sampled it, I knew this was a keeper.  Last fall’s first harvest of Crispin Crisp was nothing short of amazing.  Crispin Crisp is quite disease resistant requiring minimal spray, and it keeps for months.  Currently, the store has a good supply of Gold Rush apples kept in our special storage containers with no preservative chemicals.  These containers have also kept thousands of pounds of potatoes in fresh-dug condition. 


A tour of our greenhouses will show off thousands of hanging baskets that are all labelled sun / partial sun / shade so you can easily match the plants to your yard’s environment. 


I have added a second harvest club this year.  Our regular harvest club is extremely popular and sells out every year.  Added is a meat harvest club that is once a month, June to November, or December to May.  You receive a mixed selection of approximately 20 pounds of beef and poultry every month. 


Barnyard construction continues and material shortages have had an impact.  We hope to have the area done this summer.


Maple syrup season was a success, but the high cost of fuel oil tripled the costs of finishing a gallon of syrup.


Our addition last summer of processed crushed tomatoes and Bloody Mary mix far exceeded our expectations.  As a result, we will plant more tomatoes this year. 


Our beef and poultry production continues to expand.  The cattle breeding has yielded what I consider some of the best beef quality I have ever cooked.  Treat yourself to our Karabin Farms raised antibiotic free and hormone free grass-fed beef, finished with natural alfalfa pellet for excellent marble.  All of our meat is processed under strict USDA inspection.  We travel 200 miles to have our beef processed in a humanely certified handling facility.


Please support our local, family farm. 

I can always be reached at farmingct@cox.net.


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