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The harvest is almost complete as we prepare for the upcoming holidays.  Once again, we have found our pre-purchase apple bag program was extremely popular with our customers and much less stressful on our staff.  The purchase of PYO apples was huge and as our new trees come into production, we expect even better results next year.  For the first time in many years, we had PYO through November 1.  A record amount of Honeycrisp was picked over a 2 month period.


The loss of Grandma in early October was difficult on all of us.  From the first day she moved in with us almost eleven years ago, she immersed herself in helping on the farm.  She was especially proud of her snack shack and the young employees that worked with her.  She is missed!


Our meat business continues to grow.  I am now able to offer chickens both whole, half, and quarters.  As we look forward to 2016, I will be adding both ground turkey and chicken as well as turkey and chicken sausage. 


Our Thanksgiving turkeys are still available in sizes between 20 and 25 pounds.  Smaller turkeys sold out in October.  Our goal is to add more birds under 20 pounds next year.


Rosie’s of Vermont has undertaken the processing of Karabin Farms raised beef jerky.  They also hope to add Karabin Farms beef sticks and chili early in 2016.  I am really pleased with their all natural approach to processing these beef products.  This, added to our all natural beef and pork hot dogs, continues our goal of serving your family a safe and natural meat product.


The potato and winter squash crop was just outstanding even though the drought was severe.  Blue Adirondack potatoes along with the new Red Maria have been very popular.  Perhaps the most complete vegetable you can serve is a winter squash.  I have many varieties all with their own unique flavor.  Cabbage has been excellent this fall and I expect to begin harvest of the Brussel sprouts by mid-November.


I stock stands, wreaths, and garlands.  The store is filled with many unique Christmas items.


As I look forward to 2016, it looks like a very busy year.  Our spring plants are ordered.  The veggie seeds are coming in and, yes, once again, I will be farming 160 acres in Southington and Farmington.  I look forward to the arrival of our new John Deere tractor with a buddy seat so that the next generation, our grandkids, can ride with their grandfather and learn the appreciation of farming and the bounties of the land.

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